Planning a Month of Meals

Creating A Monthly Meal Plan

Monthly meal planning can help cut out un-planned diet breaking meals!

Planning meals in advance is one of the keys to a healthful lifestyle. However, it is a habit that is most often met with dread. For some reason the idea of sitting down and planning what we are going to eat for the next week, let alone the next month, seems like absolute torture. I get it – I used to feel that way too until I realized the significant benefits it had on my wallet, waistline and sanity.

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What to Eat to Boost Energy and Lose Weight

Low Calorie, High Energy Foods

Low calorie, High energy foods

The way you feel is a direct result of what you put into your body. High energy comes from eating “whole foods” that offer good vitality and can be easily assimilated by the body. The more a food is processed, the harder your body has to work to break it down. When all this energy goes into digestion, there is very little left for you!

Ironically, the foods that most people gravitate to are low calorie and often it is these “well marketed low calorie foods” that leave you starving, causing you to eat more and at the same time rid your body of vitality. Before going into my top choices for high-energy foods, I would like to discuss calories.

Not all calories are created equal – this is what most dietitians learn first in school. However, we now know that this is a dated expression and the very reason why low calorie diets do NOT work.

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Total Gym Challenge Episode 6: “Final Results”

Total Gym Challenge Episode 6: “Final Results”

Three weeks ago we showcased 14 people with 14 different fitness goals as they began 14 workouts on The Total Gym lead by fitness trainer Rosalie Brown. During this time, our participants shared with you their goals, reactions on workouts and the progress they were making. Now the time has come to learn the final results in Episode 6 of The Total Gym Challenge, exclusively on Total Gym Pulse!
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Total Gym Challenge Episode 5 : “The Final Workout”

Total Gym Challenge Episode 5:
“The Final Workout”

The Total Gym Challenge continues with Episode 5 “The Final Workout” exclusively on Total Gym Pulse! In this segment, fitness trainer Rosalie Brown leads the group of 14 through the last of their 14 workouts. It’s been three weeks and Rosalie says the group looks younger, leaner, stronger and the is feeling great. The Total Gym has the power to energize your entire body!

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Finding Your Fitspiration

Healthy Fitness Inspiration


Ellen DeGeneres observed, “Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.” What a wonderful, positive inspiration for those seeking optimal health inside and out.

So you workout, but have you ever thought about what drives you to do it? It isn’t only the way you look, is it? You are more than simply something to be looked at – that is, if you are thinking rationally and realistically. Healthy thinking is based on understanding that your reflection is not the definition of your worth.

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Nutritional Benefits of Eggs – Both Whites and Yolks

The Difference Between Egg Whites and Egg Yolks

Bucket of eggs

After reviewing the research, it is safe to say that consuming a whole egg is the best way to eat eggs. Years ago during the heyday of bad mouthing foods with cholesterol and fat components, the egg yolk was considered taboo to healthy eating because, yes, at 175 mg it does contain a high level of cholesterol. But after 25 years of study, it has become evident that cholesterol in foods like eggs is not the culprit. Saturated fat has a much bigger effect on blood cholesterol. Full-fat dairy products and fatty meats are examples of foods that are loaded with saturated fat and which trigger the body to produce cholesterol. Let’s first breakdown the current state of egg consumption.

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Total Gym Challenge Episode 4: “Feeling Great!”

Total Gym Challenge Episode 4
“Feeling Great!”

The Total Gym Challenge continues with Episode 4 exclusively on Total Gym Pulse! In case you’ve missed it, we recently took 14 people with 14 different fitness goals and put them through 14 different workouts in three weeks on The Total Gym. Fitness trainer and Total Gym Pulse contributor Rosalie Brown leads the participants through a series of different cardio and strength building workouts to help them achieve their desired results.

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Why and How You Should Stretch, Including Total Gym Stretching Exercises

Stretches for the Upper Body on the Total Gym


Stretching is important for people of all ages! Regardless of age, current flexibility, and whether or not you workout, stretching should be a part of your daily routine.

Just a few minutes of stretching a day is beneficial to your body. If your muscles, joints, and tendons are well conditioned they will be better able to handle the impact of sport, exercise, and daily activities and it helps prevent injuries.


As we age, our muscles tighten up and the range of motion in the joints decreases. Daily activities and normal movements can be affected due to an inhibited range of motion in the muscles and joints. Simple tasks such as reaching for something on the top shelf or bending down to tie your shoes can also become extremely difficult if the muscles are unable to accommodate these movements.

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Total Gym Challenge Episode 3: “Week Two…The Challenge Continues!”

Total Gym Challenge Episode 3
“Week Two…The Challenge Continues!”

After week one of The Total Gym Challenge you’ve met the participants and watched them go through their first workout. Now it’s time to continue all of the action in Week 2 with Episode 3 of The Total Gym Challenge exclusively on Total Gym Pulse!

Rosalie Brown - Total Gym Trainer

Fitness trainer and group leader Rosalie Brown starts us off by saying she’s never seen such great results in only one week with The Total Gym. She credits the strength training you are able to do on the machine such as pullups, chin ups, squats and more. By working the major muscle groups you are able to burn calories more efficiently. Rosalie also points out that on the Total Gym you can mix strength training with a cardio workout and this plays an important role in one’s fitness success. This episode features Rosalie taking the 14 participants through their exercise routine broken up into 1 minute intervals. In the video Rosalie tells the group that none of them have to leave the gym tonight and go for a run, go for a walk or go on a bike ride because their cardio is already included in their strength training.

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Popular Workout Trends for Fall

Fall Fitness: The Top Workout Trends

Total Gym Gravity Classes

This is an exciting time for fitness and wellness because we’re living longer and in the midst of all the chaos in the world, we can at least control taking care of ourselves. No longer can we use the excuse “exercise is boring” because there truly is something for everyone. There are plenty of new and exciting exercise trends for you to explore and hopefully they’re available in your area. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of what’s trending.

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