Can Exercising Help Cure Your Insomnia?

  The Connection Between Your Physical Activity and Insomnia: The many benefits of exercise have been known for years, but can exercise help me to get a better night of sleep? The short answer is ABSOLUTELY! Trouble with falling and…

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A Quick Guide Get Your Cholesterol in Check

Why is cholesterol important for your health?   Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is measured in the fat of your blood. You can’t live without cholesterol, nor would you want to. Cholesterol is important for healthy cell membranes, producing hormones (no cholesterol means no sex drive), vitamin D levels, and your memory.  In…

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5 Worst Salad Bar Choices (That You Probably Eat All The Time)

What to Avoid at the Salad Bar:   Creamy Dressings Dressings like Blue Cheese or Ranch (my personal favorite) can be tempting, however just this one addition can double the fat and calories of your entire salad. Just two tablespoons of…

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7 Simple Tips To Manage Your Stress and Quit Smoking

How To Kick The Smoking Habit Naturally: Each year over 200,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with lung cancer. Of course, not all lung cancer is due to cigarette smoking, but in about 90% of the cases this is…

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Total Gym Weight Bar

Total Gym Attachment Spotlight: The Weight Bar [Videos]

Add the Weight Bar to Transform your Total Gym Workout   We all know the Total Gym is extremely versatile and challenges the body in an effective and efficient manner. Whether your goals involve fat loss, strength gains, flexibility improvements, etc., the Total Gym can help…

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Why Everyone Should Pay Attention To Movember This Year

A Primer On Men’s Health and Movember As we enter fall and the month of November, men around the world are celebrating their health with the concept of Movember. In 1999, Seven Nightly News aired a story about a group of young men in…

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A Naturopath’s Guide To Staying Healthy This Flu Season

Naturopathic Tips To Avoid Getting Sick This Flu Season   Instead of focusing on the impending ”flu season”, we should all be thinking about prevention, keeping our immune system strong and healthy. Most flu like symptoms, like coughing, sneezing, and aches, are not bacterial but viral. These symptoms are the…

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