Smoothies for A Healthy Lifestyle

Best Tasting Smoothie Recipes

Cool off your summer with a healthy smoothie!

As a naturopath and personal trainer, I know my clients will never achieve the results they are looking for without a diet that contains the necessary nutrients for lots of energy and a strong immune system. This comes from eating whole foods, something most people do not get enough of. Two-thirds of American adults fall short of the recommended daily allowance of RAW fruits and vegetables per day. For this reason, I always try to include a one smoothie a day in the diets of my clients and their children. Including smoothies in your diet makes it easy to increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables – and thus, valuable nutrients! No one can argue about not having the time to throw a few things in a blender. Plus, there are so many healthy smoothie recipes to choose from on healthy sites and blogs.

But, beware, not all smoothies are created equal! Please stay away from the recipes that offer “QUICK FIX HIGH ENERGY MENUS” that include everything from ice cream to high fructose fruit juices, peanut butter, chocolate spreads etc. These are not healthy, do not offer energy and should be avoided.

Considerations for Buying a Blender

If you are purchasing a blender for the first time, be wise, spend the extra money and buy a very good quality, high speed one. Brands I recommend are Vitamix or a Blendtec. You can include the seeds when using these blenders, and the seeds are full of enzymes. The blades will not break from the impact of the hard seeds, frozen berries or other frozen fruits, and ice, and the results are fast! The less the motor has to run, the more your enzymes will stay intact. With this type of machine you can also make soups, hummus, and other quality meals. You cannot do this with just any blender.

Smoothies are Perfect for On-The-Go-Families

Trying to get the kids off to school and yourself off to work can make for busy morning and hurried breakfasts. Smoothies are a perfect solution for the whole family.
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Sodium in Your Diet

Monitoring Your Sodium Intake


What is sodium and where does it come from?

Sodium is a naturally occurring mineral that our bodies require to live. Animals too require sodium to live, hence the need for salt blocks for some animals. This is also why there is naturally some sodium in meat and dairy products. Sodium has been used for centuries to preserve foods, too. Cheese is a product that contains sodium that is found naturally in milk, but also has added sodium, which plays a role both in flavor and in preservation. Fruits, vegetables, and grains, on the other hand, have little sodium naturally, only if it’s added in processing.

What are the health benefits of sodium?

Believe it or not, there are health benefits of sodium too, despite the perception of many that sodium is bad. In fact, sodium is used all over in our bodies and is even part of our bone structure. Therefore, I don’t believe that everyone should be on a low sodium diet, unless this happens naturally from eating an overall healthier, whole-foods diet rather than a diet full of processed foods. You lose sodium when you sweat, so people who work out or lift weights should eat to replace it. I do feel, though, that there are people who really should watch their sodium level.
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How To Get A Sexy Core

How To Get A Sexy Core

Personal trainer Tiffany Savion is back to Total Gym Pulse to show us how to get a sexy core and strengthen our abdominal muscles using The Total Gym home exercise machine. There are many advantages to working on your core muscles. First, they help you in everyday acts such as putting on shoes, picking up a package or simply standing still. Next, a strong core is important for a healthy back. When back pain comes, a core strengthening routine is usually prescribed to help with back posture and strength. Finally, a strong core is important for balance and stability. The core stabilizes the body allowing you to move in a variety of directions. The stronger it is, the less likely you are to fall and lose your balance.

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Increasing Lactose Intolerance Rates and Dairy-Free Options

Why Lactose Intolerance is Increasing


What is Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose is the natural sugar found in milk. Lactose intolerance is caused by not having enough of the enzyme lactase in your gut to digest this milk sugar; this is different than a cow’s milk or diary milk allergy, although some of the symptoms can be the same. Although we see other food allergies increasing also, this article discusses lactose intolerance.

What are the Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance?

Many people notice a correlation between dairy and digestion woes. When someone with lactose intolerance digests dairy products, it can cause abdominal bloating and cramping, flatulence (gas) and diarrhea within a few hours of ingestion.

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How To Build Muscle

How To Build Muscle

Personal trainer John Peel is back at Total Gym Pulse to show us how to build muscle using Total Gym home exercise machine. There are several reasons why this is important. First, building muscle helps strengthen connective tissues, which helps increase bone density. Next, muscles help increase your metabolic rate and give your body the ability to burn calories even when you’re not working out due to having more muscle mass. Finally, exercises that help build muscle can improve balance, sleep and mental health.

john peel curls

John starts the segment by discussing the importance of using slow and controlled movements during your exercises so you can control your body weight. This will help bulk you up and build muscle mass. The first exercise John demonstrates is a bicep curl. On the way up, John gives the cables a nice slow squeeze keeping tension on his biceps the entire time. He also says to make sure your core is flexed because that is where a lot of your power and strength will come from.

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The Effects of Stress and Exercise

Stress-Busting Cardio Workout

The weather is changing, schedules are tight, happy hours and holiday festivities tend to keep you busy. Not to mention you may be running around the your kids with to all of their extra sports and activities! This can be quite stressful and make it difficult to find time for yourself! So how do you cope with the stress that comes along with the holidays and limited time?

Finding time to keep up your fit and healthy lifestyle can be challenging. However, scheduling in consistent workouts will help you cope with this busy time of year by giving you more energy and reducing stress levels. With these quick and simple calorie-burning cardio drills you can ward of holiday season stress and can keep your mind and body feeling great.

What is stress?

The definition of “stress” in reference to the human body is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. (Merriam-Webster Inc.) Stress is your body’s reaction to external demands. It can be composed of both good and bad experiences depending on how you are affected by the situation. When stress is felt, the body reacts by releasing chemicals into the blood to help produce more energy and strength to deal with the “stressful” situation. This can be a good thing if you are put into a life threatening situation and need the physical energy to get through it, however, it can also be a bad thing if you are responding to something emotional and there is no release for the extra energy to go. Whether you experience the positive or negative effects of stress, finding ways to cope with it will help ease your mind and body.
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A Quick Morning Workout With All Day Benefits

5-Minute Morning Workout

My five-minute morning workout is invigorating and you can do it anywhere. I’ve combined some of the best exercises from Pilates, yoga and resistance training. Do this quick workout routine every day and you will reap the following benefits:

1. It strengthens and stretches the major muscles of the body.

2. It strengthens the core (all the muscles that support and protect your spine, not just the muscles you can see in the mirror but all the important back muscles, too!).

3. My favorite benefit – it stretches and articulates the spine and prepares it for a day of sitting, standing or being active. A supple spine that is well supported by a strong core is the cornerstone of a healthy body. A healthy spine allows you to function at your best in work, play and even improve your quality of sleep!

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How To Burn Arm Fat

How To Burn Arm Fat

Personal trainer Tiffany Savion returns to Total Gym Pulse to show us 4 amazing tricep exercises to burn arm fat using The Total Gym home exercise machine. Even though we are approaching winter, the time to get those arms looking good is NOW! Use the next few months to burn the fat so you can be looking good in your favorite tank top.

arm fat 1

Begin the workout by lying flat on your stomach on The Total Gym glide board. Tiffany says to make sure your shoulder blades are rolled down and back with your abs in tight. Keep your neck in a neutral position that is comfortable to you. The first workout is called a “lat pull.” Do this by pulling yourself up and down the board with the cables – the motion is similar to that of a pull up.

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Naturally Improve Your Mood by Working Out

Can Exercise Help Mood Swings?


Regular exercise is extremely beneficial to achieving optimal health. With the right type and amount of physical activity mood swings, weight management, energy levels, productivity, and various illnesses can all improve with.

When it comes to mood swings, there isn’t a better natural treatment than exercise. From the more insignificant frustrations that last only a few moments, to the most life-impacting mood swings such as bipolar disorder or suicidal depression, exercise can help you find balance and improve your mood.

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How To Get A Strong Back

How To Get A Strong Back

Get Fit Over 40 founder Mike Kaye joins us again on Total Gym Pulse to show us how to get a strong back using The Total Gym Home Exercise Machine. Mike explains the back is one of the strongest muscle groups in the body and often gets ignored during a workout. When people look in the mirror the first things they usually notice are the chest, shoulders and arms. The back shouldn’t be forgotten since it is a big part of the body and supports your entire frame.


The first exercise Mike demonstrates is known as the Iron Cross. Start by lying flat on your back on the glide board of The Total Gym. From this position, move both arms straight out making a “Cross” shape with your body and bring them both back to your sides. Not only will this work your back but you will also work your chest too.

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