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Total Gym Spotlight: Introducing the New Total Gym STEP

What Is The Total Gym STEP The Total Gym STEP is a brand new attachment that is similar to the squat stand, with the added benefit of being engineered to provide rebound. The platform is rectangular in shape, so it has a little more…

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3 Easy Vegetarian Soup Recipes To Try This Autumn

Hearty Vegetarian Soups To Keep You Warm This Fall It seems as though fall was made for soup. The cooler nights make you crave something warm and savory and the flavors of the in-season vegetables shine brighter together than on their own. In…

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Strength for Runners

Total Gym Workout Essentials: Strength Training For Runners [Videos]

Strength Training Exercises for Runners   Whether you run competitively, for fitness-related reasons, just for fun, or anywhere in between, you should consider adding strength training to your weekly routine. In addition to all the physical benefits, which we will…

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The Ultimate Ab Challenge!

The Ultimate Ab Challenge! Fitness trainer Rosalie Brown is back at Total Gym Pulse to show us The Ultimate Ab Challenge using The Total Gym. Plank and ab challenges have become very popular and we here at Total Gym are…

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Don’t Throw Them Out Yet: Best Uses For Bruised Tomatoes

What To Do With Bruised Tomatoes Tomato season is upon us. You may have gotten some tomatoes from the farmer’s market, your neighbor’s garden, or perhaps you grew your own. Either way, you may encounter some tomatoes that appear less-than-perfect on the exterior,…

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fall superfoods

Top 6 New Superfoods To Try This Fall!

Best 2015 Superfoods To Add To Your Diet 1. Hemp Hearts What is it? After you shell and de-hull the hemp seed, you are left with the center of the seed, called the heart. It contains 10g of protein and…

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Total Gym Inner Thigh Exercises

Total Gym’s 10 Essential Inner Thigh Exercises

Safe and Healthy Exercises For The Thigh Gap For the last couple of years, young women have been talking about the elusive inner thigh gap, presumably made popular because jeggings, leggings, skinny jeans, tights and bathing suits highlight the thighs….

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The Back Attack Workout!

The Back Attack Workout! The back is one of Rosalie’s favorite muscles to work because when you have a strong back you look taller, leaner and stronger. Also, what a lot of people don’t realize is that the back is…

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How To Fall Back In Love With The Gym

Find The Internal Motivation To Get Back In Shape You’ve seen the workout motivation quotes to promote your fitness goals and give you inspiration to stick to your goals.     If only these memes and motivational quotes worked. We…

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maria sollon

Pro Tips: Total Gym Diet Secrets from Maria Sollon

Breaking Down Your Diet Based on Your Goals: Professional trainers have to be educated in all aspects of fitness to provide the best outcome. A great workout routine WILL produce results, however, the correct diet accelerates your success! Everyone will…

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