Bikini Boot Camp Plan: Week 3

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The Bikini Boot Camp Plan: Week 3

The Bikini Boot Camp Series is an excellent plan of action to get you into that 2-piece suit! It will take patience, persistence, motivation, and a positive effort to continue each day/week with the set routine I provide you. Ultimately, if you complete the five week plan as directed, eat a clean and healthy diet, and monitor your progress as the weeks pass, I am certain that you will have made some positive changes for your body and will gain self-confidence in the process!

Week 3 of the Bikini Boot Camp program focuses on lower body exercises and cardio drills. During the strength drills, strive to challenge yourself with full ranges of motion, appropriate incline levels and controlled movements. While doing the cardio drills or using the Cyclotrainer, focus on increasing your speed, agility, and power to improve your stamina.
If you’re just joining in now, please refer back to week 1 to get the full program details.

Increase Your Stamina

If you have been sticking to the program, you should be well on your way to adapting your body into a calorie-burning machine! Your body is being challenged with different functional strength movements, cardiovascular drills, and building the inner confidence needed to keep you focused and motivated. All of these characteristics result in an increased stamina effect of your mental and physical body!

Stamina is something that develops over time and increases as your body adapts to the workload. When you feel fatigued or want to stop for a long break, try to push through the difficult challenge so that your body continues to develop a higher level of fitness!

Cyclotrainer For Intervals

If you have a Cyclotrainer, this is the perfect time in the program to use it! I recommend doing sprint intervals of 30 seconds on (sprint) followed by 30 sec off (recovery) for 10 minutes. This is just one example of how to perform intervals. Feel free to create your own sprint cycle!

The ‘Bikini Boot Camp’ is based on a 5-week schedule consisting of:

  • Week 1: Upper Body & Cardio
  • Week 2: Core & Cardio
  • Week 3: Lower Body & Cardio
  • Week 4: Pilates & Cardio
  • Week 5: Full Body Workout

*Each week, there will be a new post that contains the workout schedule, set exercises, and accompanying video for that week’s specific focus.
*During the 5-week series, the workouts will build upon the previous weeks routine. So learn them well!

Schedule For Week 3: Lower Body & Cardio
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Easy Life Hacks for Your Weight Loss Goals


9 Simple But Overlooked Weight Loss Hacks

For some of us, it may seem like we spend our lives fighting the battle of the bulge. With the mass amount of information out about diet, exercise, and weight loss gimmicks, how do what we know what to believe and what information to trust?

Well to answer this ever-so-common question, you really have to start by remembering the basics.

The Simple Equation for Weight loss

The first thing to keep in mind is that weight gain weight is very much related to a simple math equation. Our bodies have a basic need for energy, known as our resting metabolic rate. This is rate at which our bodies use the fuel from food sources to feed our bodily functions (like breathing, digesting food, moving our muscles, brain function and all of the processes our bodies need to stay alive).

Then comes the surplus. The things we don’t need, like extra calories from food that our bodies don’t need to use immediately, become stored as fat. Once we develop fat deposits, we have to work to mobilize the stored fat and lose weight.

The simple math comes from realizing that we must take in less or work off more in order to tap into our bank of fat and burn up the fats cells, which leads to loss of weight.

Simple Tips for Losing Weight

The real problem is that temptations are everywhere and very hard to resist. So, here are some ideas to help with your willpower on your road to success.

  1. Try a multivitamin:
    “It’s possible that some people eat more because they’re seeking out certain nutrients,” says a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, where researchers assigned 96 obese women to take a multivitamin; this according to Dr. Louis J. Aronne, director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City. Although taking a vitamin alone isn’t a valid weight-loss plan, he says, doing so might reduce the need to consume as much food because you are getting nutrients without having to consume calories.
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Total Gym Trainers Share Their Favorite Exercises: Part 2

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Note: Over the past couple of weeks, we asked the top Total Gym trainers what their essential movements are to keep their bodies in shape and toned over the years. To check out the first post visit here

Five Simple Moves in Five Minutes

Hello Total Gym home workout users. As a Total Gym Fitness Instructor I’m consistently asked what exercises I would perform on a Total Gym if given a limited amount of time to workout each day. Being a busy person myself I consistently come across this same scenario and I would like to share my five favorite exercises that target specific muscle groups.
Let’s take a look at the list below to get you moving and feeling strong to tackle your busy lifestyle. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build overall body strength, or even de-stress for a few minutes, these five at home fitness moves will help get you there:

Squats with Arm Raises

Get ready to move. Warming up the largest muscle groups in your body is a good idea when beginning any workout. Make sure to place your feet shoulder width apart towards the top of the squat stand and position yourself so both hands can wrap around the bottom ends of the glideboard. Keep in mind you want to ensure you are always in proper position to perform the exercises correctly. Once you’re moving up and down the glideboard beginning moving your arms up and down by your sides. Your heart rate will start to increase while your back and lat muscles begin to warm up.

  1. Side Lying Squat with Leg Lifts and Calf Raises

    By transitioning on your side you will continue to build up your overall leg and quad strength while increasing flexibility and muscle tone. By flexing your heel during the leg lifts you should feel a nice stretch in the Achilles heel and the calf area. This is a great exercise if you tend to have tight hips and calves and sit a lot throughout the day.
  2. Seated Low Row with Movement Variations

    I like this exercise on Total Gym because it allows you to combine movement variations while targeting various muscle groups. Not only will you work your shoulders, back, and arms, but by challenging yourself to keep a stable trunk you will also increase your core strength, very important for daily activity.
  3. Hamstring Curl with Rollup Movement

    Time to strengthen the backs of those thighs after performing squat exercises at the beginning of the workout. Take your time when placing one foot at a time in the folding foot holder. Always remember heel in first, then your toe. The knees should be flexed around 90 degrees while keeping your hamstrings engaged throughout the entire set of repetitions. Now that you are in this position, begin to incorporate a roll-up exercise. Place your arms straight overhead, palms inward, and begin rolling up one vertebra at a time, while reaching for the footpad or your ankles depending on overall flexibility.
  4. Torso Rotation with Lateral Bicep Curl

    Our fifth and final exercise will be the torso rotation with an added lateral bicep curl to follow. These two exercises will target the abs, obliques, and biceps. Start with the torso rotation by grasping one handle to bring the glideboard up the rails. Sit back facing sideways and slowly raise the feet off the floor and lift the handle from the glideboard. Create a triangle shape between the handles, forearms, and trunk. Now, remaining in that same position, transfer the handle into your hand closest to the tower. With the palm facing up, curl the handle up toward the shoulder through a comfortable range of motion.

Remember, when you are short on time the Total Gym is an ideal piece of equipment to experience a variety of exercises with an added touch of cardio. Keep in mind that the higher the rails the more challenging the exercise. Which one of these exercises is your favorite on the Total Gym? Comment below!

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3 Simple Total Gym Exercises with Chuck Norris

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3 Simple Total Gym Exercises with Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris returns to Total Gym Pulse to show us a simple workout using three easy exercises on The Total Gym. Chuck has been using The Total Gym for decades and credits it for helping overcome a rotator cuff injury early on in his career.


The first exercise Chuck demonstrates is an overhead pull. Do this by lying on your back with the cables above your head and pull them down to waist level. This will work your triceps, shoulders, forearms and wrists.
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5 Week Bikini Boot Camp: Week 2

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The Bikini Boot Camp Plan: Core & Cardio

This is the second week of the series, so if you’re just joining in now, please refer to week 1 blog and video to begin the program from the start!

Week 2’s workout focuses on Core & Cardio movements. Week 1’s workout, Upper Body & Core, will also be performed for two of the days. These workouts are designed to move quickly at a moderate-high intensity pace, depending on your fitness level, using your Total Gym and a few extra accessories.

I have developed an excellent plan to get you into your best bikini season to date! With patience, persistence, motivation, and a positive effort each day, you can accomplish your hot bikini-body goals! Set realistic goals that you can attain. Stay focused on your goal(s) by committing to a daily workout plan, eat clean/ healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and monitor your progress daily!

At the end of this series, you will feel more confident with your body and will have made some positive changes in your muscles to strut around the pool deck!

The ‘Bikini Boot Camp’ is based on a 5-week schedule consisting of:

  • Week 1: Upper Body & Cardio
  • Week 2: Core & Cardio
  • Week 3: Lower Body & Cardio
  • Week 4: Pilates & Cardio
  • Week 5: Full Body Workout

*Each week, there will be a new post that contains the workout schedule, set exercises, and accompanying video for that week’s specific focus.
*During the 5-week series, the workouts will build upon the previous weeks routine. So learn them well!

*I suggest you take a moment to learn the exercises prior to beginning your workouts focus for the week in order for the circuit to flow quickly and transition smoothly. I also suggest printing each day’s workout for quick reference of the exercise sequence. You will see these workouts again as the week’s progress. Try to follow the instructions each day for every workout!

SCHEDULE FOR WEEK 2: Core & Cardio
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GRAVITY Studio—Bringing Years of Total Gym Values

Introducing GRAVITY : A Total Gym Studio®

It always boggles my mind how we lucked into such a great product with so many triumphant stories and loyal customers. We get new letters every day from people who credit Total Gym with everything from “saving my life” to “being in better shape now than in my 20s”.

We are blessed. There have been over 4 million Total Gym home customers since 1996 and our studies show 76% of you use and love your Total Gym years later! But it’s not enough. Tom, my husband of 40 years and Total Gym founder, said from the beginning that he wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Total Gym gravity training. This has been his passion and dream since 1974.

Body Weight Training Is The #1 Fitness Trend

Total Gym helped to create the culture of functional fitness that is today the hallmark of movement training programs—the best of it on Total Gym in your home and in other workout centers. We have been pioneers in functional fitness since the beginning. The notion that your body moves with and against Earth’s
gravitational force seems obvious today, but when we first began it was novel and innovative. The same principal of functional fitness prevails today, because it works. Your body is designed to support and power your activity and your movement for a lifetime. Total Gym isn’t so much about building muscle, which happens with any exercise. It’s more about training movement. It’s about living.
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Manage Your Anger With Effective Exercise and Mindfulness

Anger Management and Exercise

anger management

Some people are more hotheaded than others, while many seem to be irritable and grumpy most of the time. Regardless of the circumstances, genetics, family background or other external issues, anger always begins with thinking in a particularly harsh way.

There are many ways to untie the knot that triggers your anger. Traditional effective anger management therapies include:

  • Anti-anxiety medication
  • Relaxation and deep breathing
  • Cognitive restructuring (or learning to think differently)
  • Effective problem solving
  • Better communication
  • Humor
  • Changing your environment
  • Self-massage

Research has demonstrated very clearly that exercise is a safe and highly effective way to relieve stress that builds to anger and improve your overall mental health and wellbeing. For these reasons, exercise and should be included in your plan for managing anger issues.

How Can Increasing Your Fitness Activity Control Anger?

Exercise, at a moderate to intense level, metabolizes and breaks down the hormones that are related to increasing stress while at the same time increases the hormones that create calm; beta-endorphins, serotonin, and BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). Exercise acts as a natural mental deterrent from focusing on the type of demanding, insisting, expecting thinking that leads to anger. The benefits of exercise are not only physiologically based. Consistent exercise promotes self-esteem, improves body image and helps increase positive socialization, which are all related to improving anger prevention and control skills.
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5 Step Weekend Warrior Workout

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 3.44.47 PM

5 Step Weekend Warrior Workout

Personal trainer John Peel is back at Total Gym Pulse to show us his “5 Step Weekend Warrior Workout” using The Total Gym. With football and basketball season in full swing, many of us find ourselves lounging around the house to catch the exciting sports action. However, as John points out, there is no reason why one can’t get a workout in-between games, during commercials or at halftime. This five step workout is designed for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

weekend warrior 1

First, John starts with biceps. Start by sitting on the glide board with both cables in hand. Keep your palms up and elbows high, then squeeze up and bring them back down. Keep your core tight and movements slow and controlled. For this exercise and all the others, be sure to do 15 reps.

weekend warrior 2

Staying in the same position, John transitions to the next exercise which is a back row. Bring your hands to a neutral grip, keep your elbows in tight, pull all the way to your rib cage and release. Make sure to pause when pulling the cables in to work your back as best possible.
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5 Week Bikini Boot Camp: Week 1

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The Toughest Total Gym Bikini Boot Camp Yet

The heat is on and it’s time to peel off those winter clothes for some tanks, shorts… and of course a swimsuit! Only you know what’s been hiding underneath all those layers, but you are the one who can do something about it! I guarantee you’re not the only one who feels insecure and out of shape this time of year.

Most women fear the thought of baring skin for “swimsuit weather”. Men, you may not have a problem peeling off your shirt, but if your belly has grown over the winter, this may be a little concern for your ego! Rather than dread this wonderful time of the year, try to embrace it by setting a goal(s) to get into great shape mentally as well as physically so you can bare all with confidence… well, you know what I mean… for the summer season!


Training your body should provide you with a sense of accomplishment along with feeling more comfortable with your appearance. Setting realistic goals for yourself will help establish a higher sense of well-being, gratitude, and empowerment. It’s such a wonderful feeling to feel empowered by something you have worked hard to accomplish.
Here are some examples of attainable goals to set and stick to:

  1. Plan to get your sweat on!
    No problem! I’ve developed the perfect bikini plan for you! Just follow the 5 week series, and you will sweat it out daily!
  2. Prioritize your body
    Check! Got you covered on this one too. The workouts will change weekly by prioritizing a focus on certain body parts as well as type of routine.
  3. Intake Healthy/ Clean Foods
    It’s just as important to have a healthy and clean diet as it is a good workout! Pay attention to the foods you eat… try to cut out anything processed (starchy carbs/ boxed foods) and increase ‘real’ foods that grow from the ground, walk on land, or swim in the ocean!
  4. Hydrate & Cleanse
    Drinking extra water helps flush toxins from your body, helps your organs function better, improves your performance, and can increase your fat-burning potential! Hydrating your body is extremely important daily!

Always strive toward what you’re trying to achieve and never lose sight of the ultimate goal!


I have an excellent plan of action to get you ready for your best bikini season to date! It will take patience, persistence, motivation, and a positive effort to continue each day with the set routine I provide you. Ultimately, if you complete the five week plan as directed, eat a clean/ healthy diet, and monitor your progress as the weeks pass, I will say with certainty that you will have made some positive changes for your body and will also gain self confidence!
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Asthma and Exercise

Stay Fit While Preventing Asthma Attacks


Do you sometimes wheeze when you exercise? Wheezing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have asthma, but there is a pretty good chance you may have issues with the flow of air into and out of your lungs. An estimated 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma, according to the World Health Organization, and 20 million are in the US alone.

Asthma is often suspected when you experience wheezing, chest tightness, coughing or shortness of breath within 5 to 20 minutes after starting to exercise. The good news is that having asthma doesn’t need to keep you from enjoying your workout, but strenuous exercise can make wheezing worse for many people. Dry air, cold temperatures, and air pollutants such as high pollen levels or air pollution can trigger your airways to close off and limit your airflow, thus making you wheeze. Also, people with allergies may have trouble breathing during exercise.

Diagnosing Asthma

Your doctor, who will ask you a few questions, examine your chest, and listen to your breath, can make the diagnosis of asthma. In addition, your doctor may possibly order a few tests such as blood work, a chest x-ray and a breathing test called a spirometry test. If you are diagnosed with asthma, allergies or simply exercise-induced asthma, there are precautions you can take to make sure you get the most out of your exercise program. The trick is to make sure asthma is well controlled with medication and to choose your activity carefully. Some are good choices; others may be more of a challenge.
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