Quick and Easy Full Body Workout

Quick and Easy Full Body Workout

Personal Trainer Tiffany Savion returns to Total Gym Pulse once again to show us a quick and easy full body workout using The Total Gym home exercise machine. There many advantages to full body workouts including increased muscular recovery rates, lower levels of boredom and shorter time commitments.


Tiffany begins the workout by sitting on The Total Gym with her legs straight and moving her arms in a circular motion. She refers to this as “hugging the tree” or a variation of a “fly” press. Next, she converts over to a close grip chest press by bringing her arms down to her side at a 90 degree angle. Finally, she finishes working the chest by going to a “wide grip press” keeping her abs engaged and shoulders down away from the ears.

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Can I Work Out If I’m Sick?

Signs That You Are Too Sick To Work Out


Now that cold and flu season has started, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to keep up with your workouts during this time of year.
As the temperatures drop and the days shorten, you may start to find yourself indoors more often. This seasonal occurrence brings you into closer contact with others, and if the people around you are ill it can hasten the spread of illness to you. In the summer months, you may tend to be outdoors more often and getting more sun exposure as well, which tends to boost your immune system by raising your levels of vitamin D.

So, with shorter days and cooler temperatures comes many a runny nose, sore throat, or that annoying cough and stuffy nose. These symptoms are most often associated with the common cold. Even though you’re feeling a bit under the weather the big question you may be asking yourself is – should I go ahead and work out? The answer to that question may be yes, and possibly no… Here’s why.

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How To Get Big Arms

How To Get Big Arms

Joining us for the first time on Total Gym Pulse is Get Fit Over 40 founder Michael Kaye here to show us how to get big arms using the Total Gym Home Exercise Machine. The exercises you see today are some of Mike’s favorite and are ones he uses to stay looking good no matter what his age. According to Mike, arms are the first thing people look at after your eyes – making it important to keep them strong and toned.

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Are Nuts Really Good For You?

Health Benefits of Nuts

Check out these healthy benefits from eating nuts!

“Can I still eat nuts?” This is the first question most of my clients ask when I modify their food plans. Most people tend to remove nuts from their diet when trying to lose weight because they think nuts are high in fat. This holds some truth, but nuts can also be a healthy option and certain varieties do contain many health benefits. Nuts are a valuable supply of concentrated proteins and fats. Not all nuts are created equally, however; while some are excellent sources of nutrients, others are not.

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Glute Specific Exercises

Tone Your Tush on the Total Gym

Booty, tush, rump, derriere, caboose, buns, bottom, fanny… call it what you will, but we all know what it is and where it’s located… a.k.a your butt! Perhaps your booty is due for a good booty liftin’, glute stompin’, perker up-er workout that will change the look and feel of your backside!


Some basic kinesiology and anatomy may help you understand where these butt muscles are; it’s good to know more about the muscles you’re training. So, there are three main muscles that comprise your booty muscles: Gluteus Minimus (min), Gluteus Medius (med), and Gluteus Maximus (max).
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3 Steps to Happiness

3 Steps To Happiness

If there is one thing we set out to achieve while living on this planet, it is happiness. However, in this world of busy work schedules and daily stresses being happy can sometimes seem impossible. Today on Total Gym Pulse personal trainer Tiffany Savion returns to show us three steps to become a healthier and happier YOU!

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Prevent Cold-Weather Injuries with Proper Winter Gear

Must Haves for Winter Fitness

winter fitness tips

For many people, winter means stowing their fitness gear and packing on the pounds until the spring thaw. But this year, holiday overindulgence and staying indoors doesn’t have to be your destiny. While cold-weather injuries and illnesses can occur, these safety tips about proper outdoor workout apparel will keep you healthy while you’re outdoors enjoying the benefits of year-round exercise.

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How to Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat

John Peel Crunch

Personal Trainer John Peel is back with some great tips on how to lose your belly fat. Stubborn belly fat prevents many from achieving the “Six Pack” they desire. If you are one of these people, today is your lucky day! John will show you how to get that six pack look by using the Total Gym.

John Peel Leg Raise

John starts the exercise by lying down on The Total Gym with his legs straight out and arms above his head. From there, John brings everything in by touching his elbows to his knees. He compares this to a “suitcase closing” and from there extend your arms and legs back to their original positions. When you extend back down the lower abs will be burning. Once you bring the legs back up and squeeze, the upper abs will be going to work.

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Foods that Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

What to Eat for Lower Blood Pressure

A nurse monitoring blood pressure


The Harvard School of Public Health reports that high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) is responsible for about 395,000 preventable deaths in the U.S. each year. Blood pressure is a measure of the pressure that exists inside of your blood vessels at any given time.

How to Read Your Blood Pressure Measurement

The top number in a blood pressure measurement is known as your SYSTOLIC blood pressure and it reflects the amount of pressure inside of your blood vessels when your heart makes a beat. An ideal range for this number is about 110-120. The systolic blood pressure tends to rise with age, stress, illness and as side effect of some medications. The bottom number in a blood pressure measurement is known at the DIASTOLIC blood pressure and is a reflection of the amount of pressure inside of your blood vessel when the heart is at rest. The ideal range for this number is about 60-80. This number tends to rise with being overweight, out of shape, illness and also some medications.
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Foods You Should Eat When Sick

What to Eat to Beat a Cold

Foods to Eat When You Are Sick

Never curse a cold or treat it with lab made drugs! Why? Because it is nature’s way of telling you that there is waste matter (mucous) built up in your body that needs to be eliminated, not treated. A cold is the result of too much accumulated waste being secreted, and insufficient and improper elimination.

The best foods to help eliminate this mucous (the common cold) are fruit juices and raw food. In fact, even fasting for a day or two with nothing but water and fruit juices has proven to be very successful. This may come as a shock to some of you, who are used to hearing that the best way to cure the common cold is with chicken soup recipes handed down from your great grand-parents. I am not saying to avoid some nice broths if that helps you feel better, but the goal here is to eliminate mucous.

We’re not able to do that if we are spending time trying to digest (break food down into nutrients) while the body is already in a weakened state. Cooked foods, especially proteins, are more difficult to break down and digest. Since we do not want to add more work to our system, but rather help our body with the elimination of mucous, raw foods and lots of fluids is the way to go. If the cold has progressed to a flu-like state, a home enema or colonic irrigation can be a great way to help rid the body of toxins.

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