Total Gym Ab Exercises

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Personal Trainer Workouts: John Peele on Ab Exercises

John Peele is back to Total Gym Pulse with a brand new workout for us on the Total Gym. John begins the segment by telling us about the frequent question he gets asked by his clients, how do I get rock hard abs? Besides a good diet, it’s all about switching up your exercise routine. Total Gym gives you several options when it comes to having a diversified ab workout. What’s great about the Total Gym is that you are always using your core to perform the exercises!

Total Gym Core Exercises

The first ab exercise John demonstrates works the midsection. You start by lying on your back, bringing your feet straight off the bench and keeping your arms straight. The next step is to bring everything in tight – similar to doing an ab crunch – and then extend back out. By doing this you are engaging your core, which consists of your lower abs and midsection.

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Total Gym Core Exercises

Total Gym Core Exercises

John then makes a quick switch to the obliques. Sit up on the Total Gym with your legs off the bench and keep your arms straight. Then move your arms like you’re swinging a baseball bat. Do around 15 reps for each side, then go back to the first exercise working the midsection. John tells us that this indeed works and if you follow this routine – along with a great diet – you can achieve the rock hard abs you desire in no time using Total Gym!

Total Gym Core Exercises

Total Gym Core Exercises

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