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Total Gym home gyms, exercise machines and equipment
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Total Gym Success Stories

A trainer recommended Total Gym to me. I just loved how easy it was to get started - seeing the pounds just come right off. I've lost 35 lbs and kept it off for 6 years - Total Gym works and it's wonderful!

Men's Total Gym Success Stories

Mike lost 150 pounds with Total Gym!
Raymon lost 41 pounds with Total Gym!
Rob lost 100 pounds with Total Gym!
Jimmy has tighened and toned at age 72 Total Gym!

Women's Total Gym Success Stories

Darla lost 60 pounds with Total Gym!
Gena lost 55 pounds with Total Gym!
Lynette lost 25 pounds with Total Gym!
Rebecca lost 35 pounds with Total Gym!
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